VA – Jeroen van Veen – Minimal Piano Collection Vol. I-IX – 2007

Artist: VA
Title: Jeroen van Veen – Minimal Piano Collection Vol. I-IX
Year Of Release: 2007
Label: Brilliant Classics
Genre: Classical, Minimalism
Quality: FLAC/MP3
Total Time: 10:16:03
Total Size: 2,07 / 1,46gb

This unusual collection is dedicated to the very popular style: minimal music. Over the years this has evolved from austere, almost strict repetition with tiny movements to a more varied and free approach to material and technique. This set includes works for piano solo by most of the famous minimal composers. Starting with initiator, if you will, Cage, and followed by the first generation entirely devoting itself to this style: Riley and Glass. The next generation is represented by John Adams and Michael Nyman. Dutch pianist Jeroen van Veen is fascinated by minimal music. He was one of the participants on the highly successful complete recordings of Simeon ten Holt s a Dutch minimalist complete works for multiple piano s. On this solo album once again he demonstrates with great flair his affinity with minimalism. The repertoire included here also comprises compositions by Satie, Friedrich Nietzsche and Arvo Pärt. There are two CD s with music by the pianist himself and several recordings of minimal pieces by other present-day French, Belgian and Dutch composers. This attractive set will appeal to a wide audience and may shed some light on the present state of minimalism.

CD1: Philip Glass – Metamorphosis, etc. (1:11'20")
CD2: Philip Glass – 'The Hours', etc. (59'48")
CD3: Philip Glass – Love Waltz, How Now, Trilogy Sonata (53'07")
CD4: Adams, Holt, Part, Cage, Nitzsche, Satie, Borstlap (1:19'47")
CD5: Yann Tiersen – 'Amelie', Michael Nyman – 'The Piano' (1:18'19")
CD6: Jeroen van Veen – Minimal Preludes Book I (52'57")
CD7: Jeroen van Veen – Minimal Preludes Book II (1:07'19")
CD8: Mertens, Johnson, ter Veldhuis (1:14'06")
CD9: de Vries, Michans, Riley (1:19'17")






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