VA – Curb Your Enthusiasm (Music From The TV Series) (2006)

Artist: Various artists
Title: Curb Your Enthusiasm (Music From The TV Series)
Year Of Release: 2006
Label: Mellowdrama Records
Genre: Soundtrack, Smooth Jazz, Easy Listening, Latin Jazz
Quality: Mp3, 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 51:29
Total Size: 123 Mb / 299 Mb


01. Luciano Michelini – Frolic (3:30)
02. Robby Poitevin – Bubba Dub Bossa (1:48)
03. Armando Trovajoli – Beach Parade (1:40)
04. Gianni Ferrio – For Whom the Bell Tolls (1:04)
05. Alessandro Alessandroni – The Stranger (2:22)
06. Piero Umiliani – Tango Passionata (2:16)
07. Renato Rascel – Ein Swei March (1:58)
08. Ennio Morricone – Suspicion (2:46)
09. Arcangela Wertmuller & Italo Greco – Solo Dance (3:35)
10. Teddy Lasry – Moulin Rouge Waltz (2:24)
11. Nino Oliviero & Luigi Zaninelli – Walk Cool (2:14)
12. Luis Bacalov – Slow on the Uptake (2:59)
13. Eric Gemsa – Corfu (2:00)
14. Guido Cenciarelli, Catalano Massimo & Stefano Torossi – Thrills and Spills (2:48)
15. Franco Micalizzi – The Puzzle (1:22)
16. Christian Sebasto Toucas – Au Vieux (2:31)
17. Armando Trovajoli – Merry Go Round (1:34)
18. Philippe Lhommet & Jacques Mercier – Riviera Nostalgia (3:03)
19. Philippe Lhommet & Jacques Mercier – La Ballada Di Periferia (2:16)
20. Carlo Rustichelli – The Little People (1:35)
21. Jean Michel Panunzio – Mazurka Bastiaise (2:50)
22. Piero Piccioni – Spinning Waltz (1:13)
23. Franco Micalizzi – Amusement (1:11)
24. Luciano Michelini – Frolic (30 second edit) (0:32)

"CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM", featuring music from the Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning HBO comedy series starring Seinfeld co-creator and writer Larry David.
Based upon his semi-retired millionaire lifestyle in Los Angeles, the show is a rolling advertisement for Murphy's Law. It offers a candid and uncomfortable look at the incessant misfortune that befalls David in his fictional 'real' life, populated by a cast of recurring characters and guest celebrities playing themselves.
Accompanying the writer's frequent descents into his own personal hell is the sound of a Jewish Italian spaghetti western, with passing nods to the popular work of Nino Rota and Ennio Morricone. Mellowdrama's soundtrack album features incidental music from five seasons of "CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM" including "Frolic", the show's popular title music composed by Luciano Michelini.
About the Artist
The utterly compelling music for the series provides a bedrock for the action and unlike most sitcoms is an integral element to set the scene. Frolic has kicked off the fun from series one, a piece that Larry had remembered and loved from its use in a banking advert, but in that original season a full score had been written by Wendall J. Yuponce. From then on, because of production timing and budget, the decision was made to use library music for which the company Killer Tracks assembled a sparkling selection of music from the vaults of BMG.
Bob Weide, the executive producer and sometime director of the show has related why the library music took such a hold, "Our editing schedule is so jammed we just don’t have time to sit with a composer and explain what we need, and then maybe go through three or four different versions. Steve Rasch who is one of our two editors (the other is John Corn), is also our music supervisor. He finds library music to slug into the show at appropriate places, and Larry and I will either approve it or ask for options. Sometimes I’ll crack Larry up in the editing room by improvising lyrics to the music that relates to what’s happening in the show".
All 24 tracks on this collection will immediately place any lover of the show fully immersed into Larry’s ‘difficult’ world. Prime examples include Gianni Ferrio’s spaghetti Western piece For Whom The Bell Tolls when a major showdown is about to take place. Alessandro Alessandroni’s delicate creation of The Stranger combines both suspense with humour. Slow On The Uptake by Luis Bacalov is perfectly titled for its usage as more and puzzling events unravel whilst Franco Micalizzi’s frantic Amusement represents scenes of a rush to resolution.
Brilliant mood setters, most of the writers of the material on offer here have lengthy lists of film scores to their name that in a Curb type touch deliciously include long forgotten films like Secrets Of A Call Girl, Emanuelle Goes Japanese, Burnt By A Scalding Passion, Island Of Mutations, How Funny Can Sex Be? and Dr. Jekyll Likes Them Hot. Ennio Morricone remains the best known in this selection, perhaps the greatest and most prolific film composer of a generation. Luis Bacalov has created some fine scores (some of his work appears in both Kill Bill films) and let’s not forget Piero Umiliani, the man who created the sublime and mindless piece Mah-Na, Mah-Na, the music that accompanied Benny Hill’s end credit speeded up chase of scantily clad women at the end of each show.
Larry spoke to Bob Costas in an interview about the series and gave his thoughts on the title music which can be applied for all the tracks on this disc. "The way it made me feel is that you can really act like an imbecile and this music is going to make it okay. You can act something terrible can happen, something really dark and bleak and put this music on and everything is just going to be fine and the audience is not going to take it seriously no matter what happens. If you play that music they won’t take it seriously"

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