Tony Henderson – Gandydancer (2015)

Artist: Tony Henderson
Title: Gandydancer
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: Tony Henderson
Genre: Blues, Acoustic Blues
Quality: Mp3/320 kbps
Total Time: 47:09
Total Size: 116 Mb

1. Solitude and Spite
2. Flowers in the River
3. Fill My Cup
4. Sometimes It’s Simple
5. Gandydancer
6. I Want the Blues
7. The Dancer
8. Life Can Make You Humble
9. Old Fashioned Girl
10. Things I Want
11. Everybody Gets a Share
12. There’s a Train That Leaves Tonight
13. Winter’s in the Wind
14. The Yellowheadpass

Tony Henderson was raised in Toronto. Solitary by nature, he left home and went out west where he got a job, for awhile, working for the railroad in Edmonton, Alberta. There he quickly learned the secrets and protocols of freight hopping (and, apparently, there are quite a few!) He crossed Canada a dozen times or so. It was a journey of the soul too: a formative one.
Since those days of freight hopping, Tony has spent several years in The UK & Ireland. Cork is where he now calls home. The songs of Tony Henderson are like going on a journey, one you’ll be very glad to embark on.

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