Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians – The Kershaw Sessions (1994)

Artist: Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians
Title: The Kershaw Sessions
Year Of Release: 1994
Label: Strange Roots
Genre: Folk-Rock, Psychedelic Folk, Singer-Songwriter
Quality: MP3 320 Kbps
Total Time: 01:05:52
Total Size: 172 Mb

01. Brenda’s Iron Sledge (03:11)
02. Veins Of The Queen (03:42)
03. Lady Waters And The Hooded One (05:53)
04. So You Think You’re In Love (02:41)
05. Bass (02:54)
06. Sleeping With Your Devil Mask (03:19)
07. Open The Door Homer (03:14)
08. 52 Stations (03:55)
09. Birds In Perspex (03:42)
10. If You Were A Priest (02:53)
11. Acid Bird (04:21)
12. Arms Of Love (03:57)
13. Superman (03:40)
14. Tropical Flesh Mandala (03:01)
15. Oceanside (03:44)
16. Madonna Of The Wasps (03:30)
17. The Banana Boat Song (01:45)
18. Listening To The Higsons (02:47)
19. Heaven (03:47)

Strange as it may seem to non-U.K. music lovers, John Peel isn’t the only Brit DJ to have musical guests on a BBC radio show, thus origins of this collection of Hitchcockiana courtesy of Radio 1 figure Andy Kershaw. Drawn from a number of performances from 1985 to 1991, though not arranged chronologically (but with a brief essay from Metcalfe and Windsor), The Kershaw Sessions feature Hitchcock and his two faithful Egyptians having their way through a nicely varied collection of demi-hits and random song choices. Standards include "Acid Bird" and "Madonna of the Wasps," while among the lesser-known tunes good performances of "52 Stations" and "Veins of the Queen" turn up. There’s even a fun cover or two — Dylan’s "Open the Door Homer" gets an amiably breezy rendition, while Harry Belafonte’s "The Banana Boat Song," accordingly to the liner notes a regular warm-up song choice, get a fun vocal-only run through. In general, the performances tend towards the low-key but enjoyable — there aren’t many radical differences from the album versions present, with the notable exception of an acoustic session literally recorded on DAT in Kershaw’s kitchen! Six songs from that date appear throughout the disc — dating from 1991 as it does, it’s a great way to hear Perspex Island material like "So You Think You’re in Love" and "Arms of Love" in an unaffected, relaxed fashion. Two live concert cuts from 1985 bookend the collection, a nervy rip through "Brenda’s Iron Sledge" that’s Hitchcock and company at their most wired and an equally sharp take on "Heaven" that’s darn well near definitive. The Kershaw Sessions won’t win over any new fans, but those who enjoy Hitchcock’s angular way at looking at the world will find this a fine addition to their collection.

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