Pulsar – Rebirth Of The Sun

Artist: Pulsar
Title: Rebirth Of The Sun
Year Of Release: 16.07.2015
Label: Goa Records
Genre: Psychedelic / Progressive / Psytrance
Quality: Mp3 / 320kbps
Total Time: 67:06 min
Total Size: 148 MB

01.Ascent – Rays of the Sun (Pulsar Remix) [06:45]
02.Pulsar – Moonsun [06:32]
03.Norma Project – Magical Land (Pulsar Remix) [06:33]
04.Pulsar & Angel Esteban – Real Sd [06:08]
05.Elegy – Cosmic Portal (Pulsar Remix) [07:42]
06.Pulsar – Leo Grooves [06:03]
07.Pulsar – Rebirth of the Sun [07:31]
08.Pulsar & Thaihanu – Alternative Encounters [06:36]
09.Pulsar & Thaihanu Ft Djane Gaby – Rising Sun (Album Mix) [06:37]
10.Pulsar – Lucky 8 [06:39]

Goa Records eagerly presents ‘Rebirth of the Sun’ the long awaited solo album
from one of the most prominent Chilean Progressive and Psychedelic Trance
producer ‘Pulsar’.
Manuel has already released two full length collaboration albums, in 2013
‘Uplifting Minds’ with his well-known duo project with Thaihanu and in 2014
with Liquid Sound. Now ‘Rebirth of the Sun’ builds on all of his past
experiences and reflects the insights he learned during his first and second
world tours meeting many talented musicians along the way. Releasing and
collaborating with top Psychedelic Trance artists, this album is a mix of
musical experiences and travels, an entire trip from progressive sounds to
full on vibes, trance melodies, nature sounds and powerful bass lines.
Remixing and collaborating with Elegy, Ascent, Norma Project, Thaihanu, and
Angel Esteban, this album definitely needs to be part of your collection.
Pulsar is has built a steady and well-earned reputation by compiling many
popular compilations on top labels including the series Dancing On the Beach
(Zoo Music), Goa Sun (Goa Records) and enjoying countless releases on all the
top labels like YSE, Bmss, Ovnimoon Rec, Power House, EDM Rec, Geomagnetic,
Dacru, PanMusic and so many more. Tested and proven on many dance floors
across the planet the world is demanding a new album from Pulsar and his 3rd
full length delivers on every level.
Dialing in the fullest frequencies, and layering cosmic atmospheres that
transcend verbal description. His catchy melodic hooks find a permanent home
in your minds ear, and the dimensions transpire into glowing prismatic
symphonies stretching out like brightly woven strands coalescing into gigantic
mesmerizing hyper-cubes. Your ears perceive the harmonic sounds of the galaxy
spinning, pulsing and once more giving birth to an unforgettable new star. For
his day job Manuel Benavente runs a school he started teaching the music
software Fruity Loops as an official training site. From there his stellar
nursery pumps out new stars. Manuel’s ceaseless dedication to our precious
psychedelic trance music scene has enabled him to overcome many challenges and
always continues to open doors and usher in a bright new dawn for the next
generation of producers.



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