Phillip Doss – Fundamental Forces (2015)

Artist: Phillip Doss
Title: Fundamental Forces
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: Phillip Doss
Genre: Blues, Country Blues
Quality: Mp3/320 kbps
Total Time: 40:34
Total Size: 101 Mb

1. Fundamental Forces
2. Clever Girls
3. Real Good Song
4. I’ll Be Her Fool
5. Ain’t Never Gon Be Free
6. Sounds of the City
7. I Can’t Get You Out of My Mind
8. It’s Gonna Be a Long Long Time
9. I’ll Still Be Missing You
10. Love FadesGall

The Players: Michael Thorn, Dave Jones, Andrew Doss, Jason Stewart, Russell Moore, Ken Morrell, Alex Doss
Fundamental Forces: Something to listen to while you’re studying for the physics exam. I like what Andrew does on the guitar here.sounding a little like there may be some Macon, Georgia influence.
Clever Girls: This is a funky piece about smart women. Dave and I did this in Nashville with a 9 piece one night.that was powerful.
Real Good Song: I was pretty sure this was a pretty good song.then Jason and Ken and Dave started messing with it and it turned into a real good song. Andrew said it had to have some “ooos,” so it does, and is better for it.
I’ll Be Her Fool: I have a 45rpm vinyl of this, from back when 45rpm vinyl was the way it was. This version turns into a bossa nova and Russell’s guitar makes it just right.
Ain’t Never Gon Be Free: Dave and Jason fill up the spaces in this one. This song reminds me of Mississippi.
Sounds of the City: Speaking of Mississippi.Michael laid down a bass part I wasn’t expecting on this, and made everything work. In fact, Michael’s bass parts make ’em all work.
I Can’t Get You Out of My Mind: Sometimes even the radio conspires to make you feel the pain of lost love. Dave’s guitar and Andrew’s vocal arrangement make the pain a little more bearable.I feel your pain.honest I do.
It’s Gonna Be a Long, Long Time: Time heals all wounds.days, weeks, months, years, just have to wait it out. Alex helps on the backing vocals and Andrew is on guitar again. I always wanted to mention the Taj Mahal in a I have.
I’ll Still Be Missing You: Dave on guitar, exploring in classic fashion both of the chords I gave him to work with. Sometimes two chords are all you really need.
Love Fades: There is some truth here. Be advised.

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