Noriko Ogawa – Noriko Ogawa Plays Erik Satie on an 1890 Erard Piano (2017)

Artist: Noriko Ogawa
Title: Noriko Ogawa Plays Erik Satie on an 1890 Erard Piano
Year Of Release: 2017
Label: BIS
Genre: Classical, Piano
Quality: flac lossless
Total Time: 01:15:21
Total Size: 196 mb

01. Prélude de la porte héroïque du ciel
02. Sports et divertissements: No. 1, Choral inappétissant
03. Sports et divertissements: No. 2, La balançoire
04. Sports et divertissements: No. 3, La chasse
05. Sports et divertissements: No. 4, La comédie italienne
06. Sports et divertissements: No. 5, Le réveil de la mariée
07. Sports et divertissements: No. 6, Colin-maillard
08. Sports et divertissements: No. 7, La pêche
09. Sports et divertissements: No. 8, Le yachting
10. Sports et divertissements: No. 9, Le bain de mer
11. Sports et divertissements: No. 10, Le carnaval
12. Sports et divertissements: No. 11, Le golf
13. Sports et divertissements: No 12, La pieuvre
14. Sports et divertissements: No. 13, Les courses
15. Sports et divertissements: No. 14, Les quatre-coins
16. Sports et divertissements: No. 15, Le pique-nique
17. Sports et divertissements: No. 16, Le water-chute
18. Sports et divertissements: No. 17, Le tango perpétuel
19. Sports et divertissements: No. 18, Le traîneau
20. Sports et divertissements: No. 19, Le flirt
21. Sports et divertissements: No. 20, Le feu d’artifice
22. Sports et divertissements: No. 21, Le tennis
23. 3 Sarabandes: No. 1 in F Minor
24. 3 Sarabandes: No. 2 in D-Sharp Minor "À Maurice Ravel"
25. 3 Sarabandes: No. 3 in B-Flat Minor
26. Préludes flasques (pour un chien): No. 1, Voix d’intérieur
27. Préludes flasques (pour un chien): No. 2, Idylle cynique
28. Préludes flasques (pour un chien): No. 3, Chanson canine
29. Préludes flasques (pour un chien): No. 4, Avec camaraderie
30. 3 Véritables préludes flasques (pour un chien): No. 1, Sévère réprimande
31. 3 Véritables préludes flasques (pour un chien): No. 2, Seul à la maison
32. 3 Véritables préludes flasques (pour un chien): No. 3, On joue
33. 3 Fanfares of the Rose+Cross: No. 1, Air de l’ordre
34. 3 Fanfares of the Rose+Cross: No. 2, Air du grand maître
35. 3 Fanfares of the Rose+Cross: No. 3, Air du grand prieur
36. Menus propos enfantines: No. 1, Le chant guerrier du roi des haricots
37. Menus propos enfantines: No. 2, Ce que dit la petite princesse des tulipes
38. Menus propos enfantines: No. 3, Valse du chocolat aux amandes
39. Enfantillages pittoresques: No. 1, Petit prélude à la journée
40. Enfantillages pittoresques: No. 2, Berceuse
41. Enfantillages pittoresques: No. 3, Marche du grand escalier
42. Le fils des étoiles: Prélude du premier acte "La Vocation"
43. Le fils des étoiles: Prélude du deuxième acte "L’initiation"
44. Le fils des étoiles: Prélude du troisième acte "L’incantation"
45. Peccadilles importunes: No. 1, Être jaloux de son camarade qui a une grosse tête
46. Peccadilles importunes: No. 2, Lui manger sa tartine
47. Peccadilles importunes: No. 3, Profiter de ce qu’il a des cors aux pieds pour lui prendre son cerceau
48. 3 Nouvelles enfantines: No. 1, Le vilain petit vaurien
49. 3 Nouvelles enfantines: No. 2, Berceuse
50. 3 Nouvelles enfantines: No. 3, La gentille toute petite fille

Noriko Ogawa is a major pianist who bases her career half in her native Japan and half in Europe. Her repertory is primarily of the Romantic era and later, with an emphasis on recent classics. After establishing a solid career in Japan, she came to international acclaim with a third place finish in the Leeds International Piano Competition of 1987. This led to her attracting a large following in the United Kingdom, resulting in her decision to spend half of her professional life in Europe. She has appeared with all the major orchestras of the British Isles, including the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, BBC Philharmonic, Philharmonia, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Ulster Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland, the Hallé Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic, and the Orchestra of St. John’s Smith Square. In Europe she has appeared with the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, the Tapiola Orchestra (Finland), and the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra. She also broadcasts regularly on the Japanese television networks NHK and Nippon Television, and has toured extensively with the NKH Symphony Orchestra. She frequently appears also on the BBC. She is a well-regarded accompanist, particularly known for frequent appearances with Korean violinist Dong-Suk Kang. She is an exclusive artist for the major independent Swedish classical label BIS. The Times of London chose her recording of the second and third Rachmaninov concertos as one of the best releases of 1997, and her account of Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition won a Critics’ Choice Award. She released a stunning disc of complete Takemitsu piano music, and has also recorded piano concertos of Tcherepnin, as well as music by Harald Saeverud, Johan Peterson-Berger, and selections of Japanese solo piano music and music for cello and piano. After the turn of the century she continued projects to record more Rachmaninov and music of Schumann and Debussy. There is, incidentally, a Japanese soprano of the same name, also building a significant career in Europe and Japan, who performs as Noriko Ogawa-Yatake.

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