Kelsey’s Woods – When the Morning Comes Around (2015)

Artist: Kelsey’s Woods
Title: When the Morning Comes Around
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: Kelsey’s Woods
Genre: Country
Quality: Mp3/320 kbps
Total Time: 40:44
Total Size: 105 Mb

1. 99 Miles
2. Round and Around
3. Nothing Better to Do
4. Bottle to Forget
5. Jezebel
6. The Devil’s Blue Eyes
7. These Days
8. The Ballad of the Drifter and the Yellow Cactus Rose
9. When the Morning Comes Around
10. Whiskey and Cocaine

Everything you need to know about the vibe of the new Kelsey’s Woods album can be summed up in the opening track, "99 Miles" – "I know it ain’t right, it’s just the way I am with this twisted heart of mine, but one more night and I’ll be a brand new man, got 99 miles ’til the Mexico line ." It’s an anthem of desperation, the sound of an outlaw leaving a string of broken promises, broken girls and broken laws in the dust of his rearview as he red-lines the tachometer for a new start on the other side of the border. But you’d be doing a disservice to yourself and this band if that’s the only song you hear on this record. The band throws itself into every nuanced note, from the train-rhythm rockers to the foot-dragging weepers, as if their collective lives depended on them, and in a way they just might. Country music used to sound like this, and without a band like Kelsey’s Woods making an album like "When the Morning Comes Around," the future of the genre would be a bleak one indeed. They don’t claim to be anything other than a group of guys with a penchant for country tradition and rebellious hearts full of rock ‘n’ roll, but as long as there are musicians like them making albums like this, fans and critics alike can grin like goofy sumbitches and agree that everything’s gonna be alright. –Steve Wildsmith, Maryville Daily Times, Maryville, Tennessee

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