Joel Evans & Friends – Love Songs (2016)

Artist: Joel Evans & Friends
Title: Love Songs
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Cinemasters
Genre: Cool Jazz, Jazz Vocals
Quality: 320 kbps
Total Time: 82:25
Total Size: 194 MB

1. The Whole Ball O’ Wax (Feat. Patrick Tuzzolino) (3:47)
2. Make The Night Last (Feat. Tami Damiano) (5:19)
3. Life Goes By (Feat. Dante Marchi) (4:29)
4. What Are We Doing In Love (Feat. Patrick Tuzzolino) (3:42)
5. As Much As I Love You (Feat. Mark Arthur Miller) (5:34)
6. You Said Yes! (Feat. Mark Winkler) (3:24)
7. I’m Not Gonna Lie (Feat. Tami Damiano) (5:31)
8. Sweet Mem’ries Linger On (Feat. John Proulx) (4:39)
9. Until It Happens To You (Feat. Tony Galla) (3:10)
10. Isn’t Christmastime A Wonderful Thing (Feat. Tony Galla) (3:10)
11. The Whole Ball O’ Wax (Instrumental) (3:47)
12. Make The Night Last (Instrumental) (5:19)
13. Life Goes By (Instrumental) (4:29)
14. What Are We Doing In Love (Instrumental) (3:42)
15. As Much As I Love You (Instrumental) (5:34)
16. You Said Yes! (Instrumental) (3:23)
17. I’m Not Gonna Lie (Instrumental) (5:30)
18. Sweet Mem’ries Linger On (Instrumental) (4:37)
19. Until It Happens To You (Instrumental) (3:10)

This album has already generated over a million hits on YouTube! ("Best Music Compilation" Channel)
Joel Evans is extremely grateful to all the artists whose talented performances are embodied here!
Singers: Patrick Tuzzolino, Tami Damiano, Dante Marchi, Mark Arthur Miller, Mark Winkler, John Proulx & Tony Galla
Piano: Larry Dunlap
Bass: Dan Feizli
Drums: David Rokeach
Guitar: Brian Monroney
Saxophone: Zane Musa
Joel Evans & Friends is the "Band Name" for Producer/Songwriter Joel Evans’ Collected Recordings.
Evans has songs & cues in more than 85 movies and 400 TV episodes; major Hollywood films, hip indie flicks, network and daytime dramas; ranging from Wedding Crashers to Hateship, Loveship (Kristin Wiig); and from Friends to Glee. The 2014 Daytime Emmy winning special Young & Restless Tribute to Jeanne Cooper features Joel’s song, “That’s When I’ll Stop Loving You” as its main theme. Ciroq Vodka TV and radio ads highlight his Big Band number, "Fly Away." Grammy-winning vocalist Carmen Bradford sings his song, "No Easy Way To Say Goodbye” on tour with the Count Basie Orchestra. Evans’ songs have been recorded by diverse artists, including Spencer Day, Dave Samuels, Hillary Smith, Shaun Murphy, Roberta Donnay, The Yellowjackets and Peter Tork. (the former Monkee has a great blues band!)
After earning his BA on flute at Cal State University East Bay he performed with a series of groups, and quickly realized the fortunes of a jazz flautist were capricious at best. “We did one gig where the pay didn’t even cover our bar tab,” he notes wryly. Later, a stint on piano backing Bobby Freeman (“Do You Wanna Dance”) took Evans to Tahoe and Reno, where watching the rock godfather reiterate the same patter night after night further inspired him to improvise. Life imitates art: in the film Rumor Has It, Kevin Costner and Jennifer Aniston share a conversation while the Joel Evans Combo paints the aural backdrop in the same San Francisco hotel where he once worked a steady piano gig. Evans’ Hollywood-sophisticated melodies are often used on screen to evoke sumptuous surroundings like hotel lobbies and upscale restaurants, so it’s no coincidence that he spent years performing in just these types of venues as a live player. Swing, big band and jazz: he occupies a decided stylistic niche. “I can’t do everything. I don’t write stuff that’s like what’s on the radio. I decided early on to hell with it, I’m going to do what I love.”
Unlike many instrumental composers, Evans usually co-writes complete songs. “Until it Happens to You” from Mini’s First Time provided an improbable soundtrack to a fight scene with stars Jeff Goldblum and Alec Baldwin “trying to kill one another, with my Sinatra style swing thing in the background,” laughs Evans. He notes that one of his most unexpected inclusions was in the gritty rock and roll noir film, Sugartown, where his sweet song, “Moody” played behind, as he delicately phrases it, “The depiction of an act of love. But it fit the scene.” A self-professed team player, Evans enlists first call musicians who can deliver the requisite tones; veterans like Bernadette Peters’ favorite bassist, Mario Suraci and David Rokeach from the Ray Charles band; seasoned authorities who helped invent the genres his compositions reference. Talented Co-writers like Nashville-based Lisa Aschmann and pop/theatrical writer Adryan Russ contribute their magic to the sterling credibility of the songs. ~Bio by Dan Kimpel

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