Jim Cornwell – Nothing Left to Break (2015)

Artist: Jim Cornwell
Title: Nothing Left to Break
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: Jim Cornwell
Genre: Country, Bluegrass, Americana
Quality: Mp3/320 kbps
Total Time: 47:37
Total Size: 116 Mb

1. Last Ride
2. I’m Coming Home
3. It’s Just Not the Same
4. His Simple Ways
5. Been There Done That
6. I Don’t Feel That Way
7. Nothing Left to Break
8. I Wouldn’t Settle for Less
9. It’s All About You
10. My Boat Is so Small
11. Dry Spell
12. Through Your Eyes
13. You Still Thrill Me
14. Then You Walked In

Country? At times. Folk? Kind of. Bluegrass? A little. I suppose these 14 original vocal songs, driven by the acoustic guitar, are a combination of all three which some might label Americana? We all share our own unique but similar experiences while traversing life’s highway. I hope this music gives you comforting companionship for your journey.
My life is in your hands. Literally. I wrote some of these songs in my late teens and early 20’s. I wrote five of them during the recording process. I selected these particular songs from "my archives" to cover from the day I met my wife, our courtship and marriage, the raising of our children, to the final days of my father’s life who passed away during the production of this project.
I am forever grateful to God, the Original Author and Composer, for giving me the gift of music and the resources to be able to share it with so many people. Thanks to my wife Kathy for enduring all the trials and tribulations of being married to a musician. Thanks to my daughter Christina and my son Daniel for their constant inspiration and purpose they have given to my life. I am so proud of you both!
Thanks to all my musical friends from California to Tennessee who helped raise my musical bar by inviting me to pick with them. Special thanks to Chris Joslin for sharing his extraordinary musicianship and assisting me in bringing my songs to life.
This album is meant to present me as a songwriter, so the vocals are a departure from my previous four instrumental CD’s, but I think both audiences will appreciate it’s presentation.




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