Gwilym Simcock, Tim Garland & Asaf Sirkis – Lighthouse

Artist: Gwilym Simcock, Tim Garland & Asaf Sirkis
Title: Lighthouse
Year Of Release: 2012
Label: Act Music
Genre: Jazz
Quality: Mp3 / 320kbps
Total Time: 56:50 min
Total Size: 129 MB

01. Space Junk
02. Weathergirls
03. One Morning
04. Above The Sun
05. The Wind On The Water
06. King Barolo
07. Wax Lyrical
08. Devilled
09. Tawel Nawr (Quiet Now)

THE NEW ALBUM FROM ONE OF THE UK’S PREMIER JAZZ ENSEMBLES, AND THE FIRST GWILYM SIMCOCK RELEASE SINCE HIS 2011 MERCURY NOMINATION Once upon a time … there was a lighthouse. When Tim Garland took on a job as composer-in-residence at nearby Newcastle university he decided to buy a house – near St. Mary s Lighthouse. For his CD If The Sea Replied Garland recorded several bass clarinet solos in the lighthouse which he later orchestrated. During his work he had the idea of presenting the project live and for this he needed fellow musicians – and the Lighthouse Trio was born. Garland taught Gwilym Simcock at London s Royal Academy of Music. The Welsh pianist, whose award-winning solo album Good Days at Schloss Elmau finally gave him star status, forms together with Garland one of the most productive partnerships around (they also work in Malcolm Creese’s ‘Acoustic Triangle’). The Israeli conjurer of sound – drummer and percussionist in one – Asaf Sirkis quickly became one of the most interesting trendsetters of the jazz and world music scene after his move to London, including work as hand drummer in Gilad Atzmon’s Orient House Ensemble. But it was for the Lighthouse Trio that he developed an especially composed drum set which is tailored for music full of rhythmic surprises, and perfect to showcase his ability to create unusual sounds. A celtic influence surfaces on some of the trio’s material, unsurprising given Simcock’s birthplace (Bangor, North Wales) and Tim’s musical history (incl. British Folk/Jazz group ‘Lammas’ for many years). Strong, distinctive melodies and bounding folk-tinged rhythms underpin the music, along with many other influences from around the world and some tributes to a few of the great musicians of recent British contemporary music history. If St. Mary s Lighthouse is a genuine sight, this Lighthouse is a major aural sight – a new chapter in lighthouse history.

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