Deb Ryder – Grit Grease & Tears (2016)

Artist: Deb Ryder
Title: Grit Grease & Tears
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Bejeb Music
Genre: Electric Blues
Quality: FLAC
Total Time: 51:53
Total Size: 332 MB
132 MB

1. Ain’t Gonna Be Easy (3:47)
2. Get A Little Steam Up (4:39)
3. Blink Of An Eye (3:53)
4. Grit Grease & Tears (4:40)
5. Sweet Mary Anne (4:43)
6. Lord Knows I Do (4:45)
7. Panic Mode (3:27)
8. Just Her Nature (5:42)
9. New Mechanic (Patrick’s Blues) (5:34)
10. Rivers Forgiveness (3:27)
11. Prisoner Of War (3:17)
12. Right Side Of The Grass (3:53)

Vocalist Deb Ryder matches her unquestionable blues-mama bona fides with some of the smartest lyric sets dropped in the genre this year. The Chicago-born Ms. R smolders and scorches her way around sassy, savvy workouts such as the leadoff “Ain’t Gonna Be Easy”, “Panic Mode” and, along with Sugaray Rayford, one of the hottest r&b duets one’s likely to come across these days, “Get A Little Steam Up”. Ms. Ryder keeps more good company with sidemen such as guitarist Albert Lee and keyboardists Mike Finnigan and Jim Pugh.

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