Caroll Vanwelden – Portraits Of Brazil (2016)

Artist: Caroll Vanwelden
Title: Portraits Of Brazil
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Werner Aldinger
Genre: Bossa Nova, Samba
Quality: FLAC
Total Time: 52:20
Total Size: 261 MB
124 MB

1. O Pato (3:12)
2. Retrato Em Branco E Preto (4:44)
3. Chovendo Na Roseira (3:52)
4. Beija Flor (5:18)
5. So Danço Samba (2:04)
6. Estate (5:17)
7. Telefone (3:03)
8. Modinha (2:04)
9. Pra Que Discutir Com Madame (2:51)
10. Começar De Novo (2:43)
11. Chega De Saudade (2:45)
12. Berimbau (3:14)
13. Doralice (2:39)
14. Tim Dom Dom (2:54)
15. Corcovado (3:02)
16. Por Toda A Minha Vida (2:30)

Caroll Vanwelden: vocals
Hans Van Oost: guitars
Mario Vermandel: double bass
Luc Vanden Bosch: drums, percussion
Four years ago, newly discovered in Germany, the outstanding Belgian singer Caroll Vanwelden catapulted herself into the limelight amid much celebration and duate of the London Guildhall School of Music and Drama, shows both original and new ways to entrance music lovers”, enthused Mauretta Heinzelmann and theexceptional CD’s released in 2012 en 2014 were chosen as “Album of the week” by the North German broadcasting company (NDR). Not less impressed was Thomas Hintze of "Stereo" magazine, who awarded her CD’s as "CD and Audiophile Highlight of the Month".
After releasing five albums under her own name, this belgian musician shows her great passion for Bra zilian songs on her latest album and interpreted Brazilian songs in her own and unique way.
Caroll Vanwelden has performed already in French, Dutch, English, German and Spanish. For this project, she also learned Portuguese so that she could record her favorite songs in the original language. Since her youth, Caroll is an avid fan of Ivan Lins and Joao Gilberto, and "Elis & Tom" (Elis Regina and Tom Jobim) belongs to her absolute favorite CDs. The way how Brazilian artists play harmonically and rhythmically complex songs and always exude an effortless ease, has always fascinated her and inspired her a lot. "Brazilian music has something very cute, intimate and familiar for me, it is very intense and very sad at the same time and that’s just the way I wanted my album to sound like." discribes Caroll.
Deliberately she has therefore opted for a reduced cast: guitar, bass and drums. Carolls musical life motto "less is more" characterizes the acoustic sound of the album. The fact that the musicians know each other very well and are longtime friends is clearly reflected in the intimate and warm atmosphere of the recording.
The subtle and very musical accompaniment of Hans Van Oost supports her warm and expressive vocals, while Mario Vermandel plucks his bass in a very groovy way. Luc Vanden Bosch takes care for the accentuation of Brazilian rhythms, and uses different percussion in addition to drums which also contributes to the amazing richness of the sound of the band.
With "Portraits of Brazil”, Caroll Vanwelden presents oncemore on an emotional, rich and lively way, her seemingly endless supply of creativity.
“Caroll Vanwelden has once again produced a little jewel for jazz lovers around the world.”

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