Big Joe & The Dynaflows – Layin’ In The Alley (1994/2006)

Artist: Big Joe & The Dynaflows
Title: Layin’ In The Alley
Year Of Release: 1994/2006
Label: Black Top
Genre: Blues, Electric Blues, Jump Blues, Rhythm & Blues
Quality: Mp3/320 kbps
Total Time: 45:30
Total Size: 213 Mb (covers)

1. Big Legs
2. That’s It!
3. Don’t Write Me Off
4. Ever Since the World Began
5. Shame, Shame
6. Smells Like Bar-B-Q
7. Trouble, Trouble
8. Blue Monday Blues
9. Oke-She-Moke-She-Pop
10. Layin’ in the Alley
11. Don’t Be Afraid
12. Great, Great Pleasure

Big Joe & the Dynaflows features one of the finest blues singers of his generation and the tightest blues rhythm section on the East Coast. Big Joe Maher shouts the blues while he’s drumming solid rock backbeat. A blues swinger in the Kansas city mold, Joe knows how and when to shout a phrase, how and when to bring his voice down to a whisper, and just where to bend the note. Every sublety, every nuance is matched by the precision of his seemingly effortless drumming. You can count the number of good vocalist/drummers on one hand. The records of Big Joe Turner and Louis Jordan provided Maher with a lifelong musical inspiration. Rusty Bogart is one of D.C.’s most distinctive and underrated blues guitarists and he beliefs that blues and jazz belong in the same musical sphere. He brings a rhythmic sense and a jazzman’s knowledge of chord comping, building tension by repeating certain notes and he throws in a dissonant note for bluesy effect. Jeff Sarli is one of D.C.’s most in-demand bassists, solid on both string bass and electric bass. He played with Bob Margolin and John Mooney and other bands before joining the Dynaflows. Although in his twenties, Kevin MacKendree plays with the confidence of a seasoned veteran twice his age. His piano work boasts of thunderous boogie woogie left hand, a mastery of New Orleans syncopation and the kind of harmonies that could only have come echoing out the doors of a street corner sanctified church. Above all, the Dynaflows play jump blues; blues meant for partying, dancing and having a good time! Additional musicians are Mark Kazanoff (tenor- and bariton saxophone), Derek Huston (tenor saxophone), Steve Howard (trumpet) and Rick Trolson (trombone).

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