400 Horses – 400 Horses (2000)

Artist: 400 Horses
Title: 400 Horses
Year Of Release: 2000
Label: A2 Records
Genre: Hard Rock, Blues Rock
Quality: Flac (tracks)
Total Time: 35:51
Total Size: 283 Mb

01. guilty as sin
02. too close for comfort
03. is that what you want
04. over and done
05. information
06. let it go
07. whats what i like
08. wanna make love to you
09. dont give a damn

Allan Fisher (keyboards, drums), Mark Beale (guitar), Daz Stonehouse (vocals), Nathan Rose (bass), Tony Brown (guitar), Tim Rowe (guitar), Paul Edwards (vocals), Chris Causton (backing vocals)
It can not be said that the British hard rock scene was prolific at the end of the 90’s and the early 2000s. Yet some courageous groups released an album (or more, if affinities …), but went unnoticed. The 400 Horses group was one of those meteors that disappeared quickly after the release of their first album.
Yet the 400-Horses debut album echoed promising things for the future and the band’s musicians were far from being penguins.
Based on listening to this album, we can easily connect 400 Horses of groups like Aerosmith, Extreme, even Whitesnake. Moreover, this English group is doing quite well when it comes to laying quality titles, pleasant to listen to. The colorful "Guilty as sin", full of punch and enthusiasm, moreover reinforced by brass and very expéditif in its subject, and the warm mid-tempo "Too close for comfort", both groovy and swinging, in Are the most striking proof and should have no trouble seducing the followers of hard rock n’roll bluesy. In the same perspective, we will also appreciate "Is that what you want", a rough mid-tempo with guitar textures, the heady and ultra-catchy "Over & done" (waouw, mortal chorus !!) that The potential of a big power tube, the fast and bubbling "Let it go", which deploys (with the guitarist who gives it to heart), the very arranged "That’s what I like" with rough riffs Blend harmoniously with Hammond’s brass and organ, or the bewitching and catchy "Do not give a damn" who has no equal to kick his foot.
Everything is not perfect from end to end on this album, we can find here and there some titles that serve as a stopgap, but overall, it does.
This unique album of the 400 Horses readily listens and there is a good chance that the fans of Aerosmith find their account, if only they can get hold of this cake (not easy to find). The brass plays a preponderant part on this opus and the compositions, full of vitality and enthusiasm, make this album very pleasant. What a pity that 400 Horses stopped after this album because this one augured a promising future …



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